Too busy to improve?

Are you too busy to improve

Terms of use for the Too busy to improve image

The Too busy to improve image is not available for free use. This illustration represents my Intellectual Property and, while gratified that you would like to use the image and the concept and the ideas, I am not prepared to have derivative works developed at this time. Plus, the theme of Square Wheels® is protected IP by my colleague, Dr. Scott Simmerman. His rights are protected under international copyright law and he sells materials around the Square Wheels® theme.

If you would like to use the theme of Square Wheels® please contact Dr. Scott Simmerman.

Square Wheels® is a registered servicemark of Performance Management Company

LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse these illustration.

On this page I have collected a number of translated version of the “Are you too busy to improve?” image from the popular blog posts Are you too busy to improve? and Are you too busy to improve – Focus on the System

Swedish version

For upptagen for att gora forbattringar

French version

Êtes-vous trop occupés pour progresser

Thank you Brigitte-Louise Lessard for the translation.

Êtes-vous prêt à changer

Thank you Julie Beaupré  for this version in French as well

Catalan version

Massa ocupat per innovar

Thank you Marc Mañé Solé for the translation



22 thoughts on “Too busy to improve?

  1. Brigitte-Louise Lessard 2014-03-29 / 18:20

    A big thanks for the translations! 😀

  2. noelram 2014-08-16 / 14:38

    You forgot to include the spanish version:
    ¿Está demasiado ocupado para innovar?
    No, ¡gracias!
    Estamos sumamente ocupados.

  3. Antti Kirjavainen (@anttiki) 2014-10-09 / 09:06

    Very nice image, Hakan, good work.

    I have one slight problem, however. I read the terms of use but could not deduce whether you do not want anyone else to use this picture for any use even for a compensation or not. You specify that they “the image is not available for free use” and “you are not prepared to have derivative works at this time” but what about other cases?

    To put it short: On what terms would you allow me to use this image as it is?

    • Håkan Forss 2014-10-09 / 15:15

      Thank you Antti,
      Send me a description how you want use the image and I’m sure we can find way that works for both of us.

  4. Buck Kulkarni 2014-10-31 / 16:23

    Hakan, I greatly admired your graphic “Too busy to improve” – it describes the process improvement process and impediments so aptly. I would like to share it on my LinkedIn page as I believe it will be greatly help many professionals. Of course, I will publish it as is with your name and information. Let me know if you are OK with my doing this.


    • Håkan Forss 2015-01-23 / 10:28

      Hi Buck,
      You are more than welcome to share a link to my blog.

  5. Diane Kennedy 2014-11-26 / 01:01

    LOVE THIS!!! Any chance you’d make it a Slide Share?

  6. Chris Chan 2015-01-23 / 04:44

    Awesome Haken, I love this idea and its very visual and provocative. But like a previous comment above, can you clarify “you are not prepared to have derivative works at this time”. For example, can I create my own version of this but not use square wheels? Happy to attribute the source of the original idea.


    • Håkan Forss 2015-01-23 / 10:19

      Thank you Chris, glad you like it.
      At this time I’m no prepared have derived work based on this illustration. I also can’t give a blanket statement if your work would be derived work or not. I can only judge this on a case by case basis. Please contact me with more details and we can discuss it.

      As stated in the terms of use, any use of the Square Wheels® theme is protected IP by my colleague, Dr. Scott Simmerman. If you would like to use the theme of Square Wheels® please contact Dr. Scott Simmerman.

  7. Charlotte 2019-04-10 / 14:02

    Nice image!

    Why won’t you just let people use it and credit you?

    And how can you say that people can’t use the same analogy in an mage. You can’t own an analogy.

    Seems a bit over the top to me.

    • Håkan Forss 2019-04-10 / 15:26

      I’m happy that you like the picture Charlotte.

      There are many reasons why I’m not making this picture available under for example creative commons. Most of my other pictures are available under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike as you can see on the text and logo on the pictures.

      The meme itself is not up to me to decide what and what not be done. This meme has been used many times in many different versions.

      If you want to use THIS picture of the meme please contact me and I’m happy to work something out.

  8. Todd LeFebvre 2021-08-18 / 20:18

    Could I just print out and put on my wall?

    • Håkan Forss 2021-08-19 / 10:30

      No problem to to print single copies for personal non-commercial use.

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