Techdays 2010 summary

Techdays 2010 was held in Örebro on the 23rd and 24th of March. In summary I felt like the content was not really up to my expectations and the logistics was quite bad. It may be unfair to compare to Teched US but I expected a little bit more.

Day 1


The keynote was the highpoint of the day and this was only because Christer Olsson held a great speech about how to focus on you potential and how you relate to other people.

ASP.NET 4: No Revolution No Refactoring More Control

Dino Esposito is a great writer and thinker but this session was not good at all. I don’t understand why I stayed almost to the end.

Enklare driftsättningar med hjälp av Visual Studio 2010 och Web Deploy – Simpler deployment with Visual Studio 2010 and Web Deploy

This was a good session about web deployment  using Visual Studio 2010 and MSDeploy. Because I have worked with the Beta and RC of MSDeploy there was really nothing new.

Building domain-centric applications with Entity Framework 4

This was the second to best session of the day. Patrik Löwendahl showed some do’s and don’ts of Entity Framework 4. I really liked Patriks suggestion how to implement the repository pattern using an IQuery as an in parameter for querying. EF 4 looks promising but I would probably wait for the code first support.

Visual Studio ALM 2010 In Action

Good session by Mathias Olausson that showed the ALM features in Visual Studio 2010. Nothing really new but I liked how Mathias structured the session. The session was presented as a story where he started with a bug report and then he went thru how to fix that bug and also how to prevent it in the future.

StreamInsight – realtids dataströmhantering för blivande börshajar – StreamInsight – real time data streams for inspiring stock market sharks

This was by fare the most interesting session and also the best performance. Johan Åhlén presented a new feature from the Microsoft SQL team – Microsoft StreamInsight. It’s a  platform that you can use to develop and deploy complex event processing (CEP) applications. Johan showed some very interesting ways to analyze real time data and formulate query based triggers that you then can listen to and take appropriate actions.


This session by Fredrik Normén should have been better as a panel with opposing sides. It was way to bland for me.

Evening event

I’m not fond of standup comedy but Henrik Schyffert was entertaining. The food was bland but it was great to talk with my old colleagues from Nobina again.

Day 2


What a waste of time!

IronRuby .Net developers are entering a brave new world of dynamic languages

A very confusing session by Ben Hall. He tried to show to much. IronRuby looks really interesting and I will have to take a more closer look in the future.

Panel: Varför molnet är viktigt för alla – Why the cloud is important to all

Good panel about the cloud by Joachim Nässlander , Alan James Smith , Magnus Mårtensson , Herbjörn Wilhelmsen, Sergio Molero , Predrag Mitrovic.

Top 10 förbättringar för SharePoint-utvecklaren – Top 10 improvements for SharePoint developers

I have not developed for SharePoint so this interesting and new to me. Good session.

Smartare dokumenthantering med Office 2010 och SharePoint 2010 – Smarter document management with Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010

Interesting session. I really need to look more into SharePoint!

Closing Note

Thank you Nobina for the opportunity to go to Techdays.