Toyota Kata PodCast – Habits for Continuous Learning and Improvement


I had the great please to have parts of my session Toyota kata in knowledge work to be featured in the Toyota Kata PodCast episode 7 as Toyota Kata – Habits for Continuous Learning and Improvement.

You can listen and sign up for the podCast here or listen directly to episode 7 here.

You can also watch the video version produced by Mike Rother.

A big thank you to Mark Graban and Mike Rother for all the work of editing and the new and improved SlideDeck.


MSDN Radio Special–Kanban, Lean or Mean

In this weeks MSDN Radio podCast I, Alan Shalloway and Joakim Sundén had a discussion with Dag König about Kanban and Lean in software development.

MSDN Radio Special–Kanban, Lean or Mean

Here are some links related to the podCast: