Habits of Kanban process improvements


“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle.


What are the routines you need to put in place to continuously strive for excellence? What are the habits we need to put in place to evolutionary evolve our processes. How do we really continuously improve collaborative? In this session I will share the Habits of Kanban process improvements that I call Kanban Kata. Kanban Kata combines the Kanban Method with Toyota Kata and forms the habits of process improvements for your Technology Business.


This is the talk that I gave at the DARE 2013 conference in Antwerp 15th June 15, 2013

Kanban Kata – Lean Kanban European Conference Tour 2012

Here is the video from my Kanban Kata presentation at Lean Kanban Central Europe 2012 (#LKCE12)



This SlideShare is the updated version of the presentation I gave at Lean Kanban France 2012 (#LKFR12), Lean Kanban Central Europe 2012 (#LKCE12) and Lean Kanban Netherlands 2012 (#LKNL12)