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Lean Agile Scotland – The RED brick cancer goes to Edinburgh

Lean Agile Scotland 2013

Come and join med at Lean Agile Scotland on the 19th of September and listen to my presentation on The RED brick cancer.

It really looks like it going to be an interesting conference with lots of great speakers and as much as four parallel tracks!

To learn more and and signing up for the conference please visit

Lean Kanban Conference Tour 2012

How can we help Kanban go mainstream – Kanban Leadership Retreat 2012 session #klrat

2012-06-24 1 comment

DSC02324 DSC02332

In this session we talked about how we can help Kanban Crossing the Chasm.

There are signs that Kanban is moving out of the early adopters phase and a new way of getting the message out is needed to grow the use of Kanban and the market.

Crossing the Chasm

Image from the exandin blog

We used the model from the book Crossing the Chasm and started to analyze Kanban and it’s market. By using the model we where able to explore where pieces are missing and how Kanban may be perceived in the market.

DSC02333 DSC02334 DSC02335

A very interesting session that spawned at least three new sessions for day 3:Recipes for improvement, Compelling reasons to buy Kanban, Explore “whole product solution”


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