Make strategy happen with Hoshin Kanri and Toyota Kata Agile Australia 2019

Lean and Agile software development can help your organisation deliver early and often, but this is not sufficient. Without clear and transparent alignment on a strategy, the organisation might still just end up keeping itself busy and not achieving the desired results.

Making your strategy happen involves two major, symbiotic components: strategy alignment and strategy execution.

Aligning on the right strategy can be a challenge in today’s complex world. Hoshin Kanri is an approach to meeting this challenge by drawing for the collective brain trust in your organisation.

Organisations also need to become laboratories: constantly running experiments, generating learning, and applying that learning to continually progress towards their strategy. In this session, you will learn how to create this symbiosis of strategy alignment and strategy execution using Hoshin Kanri and Toyota Kata as one system.

KATA – Habits for Lean learning

Here are my slides from my talk KATA – Habits for Lean learning at Agile Australia 2016 in Melbourne.

Learn how to build a Lean learning culture at every level of your organisation. In this presentation from the LEGO enthusiast and Agile Coach at King Hakan Forss, you will discover how the Improvement Kata and Coaching Kata can form the foundational habits of a Lean learning organisation. You will be introduced to two core habits and how they will help you to create an organisation of learners that will improve your business.

Lean Agile Scotland – The RED brick cancer goes to Edinburgh

Lean Agile Scotland 2013

Come and join med at Lean Agile Scotland on the 19th of September and listen to my presentation on The RED brick cancer.

It really looks like it going to be an interesting conference with lots of great speakers and as much as four parallel tracks!

To learn more and and signing up for the conference please visit

How can we help Kanban go mainstream – Kanban Leadership Retreat 2012 session #klrat

DSC02324 DSC02332

In this session we talked about how we can help Kanban Crossing the Chasm.

There are signs that Kanban is moving out of the early adopters phase and a new way of getting the message out is needed to grow the use of Kanban and the market.

Crossing the Chasm

Image from the exandin blog

We used the model from the book Crossing the Chasm and started to analyze Kanban and it’s market. By using the model we where able to explore where pieces are missing and how Kanban may be perceived in the market.

DSC02333 DSC02334 DSC02335

A very interesting session that spawned at least three new sessions for day 3:Recipes for improvement, Compelling reasons to buy Kanban, Explore “whole product solution”

Kanban Leadership Retreat 2012 summary #klrat

This is the second time I have had the great opportunity to attend a Kanban Leadership Retreat organized by David J. Anderson and Associate. The Kanban Leadership Retreat is an invitation only unconference for those who have attended the David J. Anderson and Associates Kanban Leadership/Coaching Workshops and a few notable leaders in the Kanban community.

DSC02380 DSC02381

This year we meet in the fantastic Mayrhofen in Austria between the 20-22 June. This was my first time in the alps and I just loved it. A small town with lovely people and a great atmosphere. I will definitely try to come back.

This was an unconference which means that there is no predefined sessions. The sessions and the schedule is created by the attendees. The conference days was divided into to parts:

  • A morning session up until lunch
  • An evening session starting at 18:00

From lunch to the evening sessions we had free time. This really created the opportunity for people to continuing the discussions. Many of the most interesting discussions where outside the sessions as usual.

In the  afternoon break most people headed out for some activates in the area. Doing things like hiking, rafting, paragliding or just taking it easy drinking some beer and reflecting on the sessions. I decided to use this time for some bike riding up the mountains as there are so few real up hill challenges in Stockholm. This also gave me time for reflections.

It was great fun but hard work See:Ride 1, Ride 2, Ride 3, Ride 4, Ride 5

IMG_0593[1] DSC02358

DSC02390 DSC02386

Thank you David for the joining me on the second ride and pacing me to the top. It was also great to meet at the top for a beer on my forth ride.

Day 1 – planning

The conference program started with dinner and session planning late on the 20th. Before we headed for a pub we did the schedule for the first day of sessions.

Day 2 – first day of sessions

This was the scheduled sessions for day 2

DSC02326 DSC02327

Kanban is not just IT
Spreading Kanban to other knowledge work
Squeeze me don’t tease me How can we help Kanban go mainstream – “Crossing the Chasm” overview/planning*
Cool Kanban systems
Holistic view of process
Expand, Expand, Expand, Some Collapse
Lean Startup
Kanban Kata**
How to enable executive decision making
How do we make Kanban useful at the executive level without changing the nature of it(flow)
Shared service teams working on projects, releases AND ongoing work Coaching definition of exit
Identify provocative catalyzation patters
Behavioral change
Approaches to change with Kanban*
Measuring respect for people What the F*** is Pull Portfolio Kanban
Kanban at portfolio level*
Change vs. Transition    

* The sessions I attended. ** the sessions I hosted

This was a very interesting day with lots of interesting session. My session in Kanban Kata went very well and it created a lot of interest. I had planed to run through a presentation and after that dive into defining new Kanban Katas but we ended up discussing the Toyota Kata concept for the whole 90 min and some more Smile

I also found the session on coaching exit criteria to be very interesting.

At the end of day 2 we did some session harvesting and scheduling of the day sessions. As we scheduled session all through the evening we had to extend the day another hour.

Day 3 – second day of sessions

The result of the harvesting was this schedule for day 3

20120622_082806 20120622_082801

Images cutesy of Paul Klipp

Identify provocatory patterns
As a coach/practitioner I want patterns that can help me help people see change is required
Are the practices in the right order? Shallow – Deep** Systemic Flow Mapping + Rightshifting
Compelling reasons to buy Kanban
(“Crossing the Chasm”)
Not unique advantage…
What’s the measure for progress on each reason
??? of change and how to deal with it
(follow up + more in-depth of change vs. transition)
Radical Kaizen
How to improve leadership culture by introducing Kanban *
Explore “whole product solution”
From crossing the chasm
Behavioral change* #fail, #wtf, #epic
LKU’s strategic direction – what si it?
– growth hypothesis
– customer (who is) hypothesis
– revenue generation and retention hypothesis
Shared services teams working on projects, releases and ongoing work * Lightning Experience Reports
– 5 min * 6
– Lessons learned
  Do we need a vision to get started with Improvement Kata?

Recipes (Katas) for improvement + discussions**


* The sessions I attended. ** the sessions I hosted

For me day 3 was very much focused around the two sessions I hosted.

First the session if the ordering of the Kanban practices are in the right order when David talk about a shallow vs. a deep Kanban implementation. We discussed the ordering and ended up with a spider chart to indicate shallow vs. deep. Interesting and fun.

The second session I hosted was on Recipes and/or Katas for Kanban. This was a follow up on my Kanban Kata session. My goal was to find some recipes and/or Katas and the start defining the actual steps but that was not to be. We started of discussing if a process vision al ’a the Toyota Kata vision. We did not arrive at a consensus and there was some disagreement what a Toyota Kata vision or a true north really meant. We collected some potential recipes and Katas but we did not have time dive deeper as we shifted to actually apply the Improvement Kata to the challenge of the session. Gary Perkerwicz was just brilliant running through the Improvement Kata and the Coaching Kata. We did not get the result I was hoping for but people seem happy with the result.

DSC02329 DSC02352

The conference hall and the view from one of the conference rooms

After the last session we did a retrospective of the conference. People where very happy with the conference in general and the session contentment in particular.

One of the most notable suggestion of improvement was of the planning and sessions selection. A few people, me included, suggested to move to a Open Space format with some suggested theme. People also asked for a schedule that would allow for more unplanned breakout sessions. There was some complaints of poor internet connectivity at the hotels. But all in all people was very happy with the conference. I do truly agree.

This was probably the best conference I have been to so far. It was also very inspiring that so many people found my sessions interesting, even to the degree that Kanban training classes will be changed!


In the coming days I will post more detailed notes and reflections from the different sessions I attended so stay tuned.

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