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Dec 11 – Standard work is not to sing to one, and only one tune

Dec 10 – Reduce batch size – an effective way to improve efficiency


Maybe this will come as surprise: Smaller batches are normally improving overall efficiency! Read more…

Dec 9 – Respect for People is more than bringing bread to the Fika

Dec 8 – Skating to success, one bruise at a time


You will become clever through your mistakes. —German proverb

Read more…

Dec 7 – Global Awareness looking through a narrow window? Nah!

Dec 6 – Give me a basket of Real Options

Lean/Agile Advent Calendar 2014

2014-12-05 Comments off

December1 December2 December3 December4 December5

December6 December7 December8 December9 December10

December11 December12 December13 December14 December15

December16 December17 December18 December19 December20

December21 December22 December23 December24 December25


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