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Dec 12 – Why make it harder than it have to be? Go and See


Why make it harder than it have to be? Do the whisper game really work to understand how things really are? Why try to run the organization by remote control? Read more…

Dec 11 – Standard work is not to sing to one, and only one tune

Dec 10 – Reduce batch size – an effective way to improve efficiency


Maybe this will come as surprise: Smaller batches are normally improving overall efficiency! Read more…

Dec 9 – Respect for People is more than bringing bread to the Fika

Dec 8 – Skating to success, one bruise at a time


You will become clever through your mistakes. —German proverb

Read more…

Dec 7 – Global Awareness looking through a narrow window? Nah!

Dec 6 – Give me a basket of Real Options


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