Toyota Kata PodCast – Habits for Continuous Learning and Improvement


I had the great please to have parts of my session Toyota kata in knowledge work to be featured in the Toyota Kata PodCast episode 7 as Toyota Kata – Habits for Continuous Learning and Improvement.

You can listen and sign up for the podCast here or listen directly to episode 7 here.

You can also watch the video version produced by Mike Rother.

A big thank you to Mark Graban and Mike Rother for all the work of editing and the new and improved SlideDeck.


Interviewed on Boss Level – The Toyota Kata, a metaprocess


I’m honored to be interviewed by long time friend Sami Honkonen on his great podcast called Boss Level.

In this interview Sami and I discuss the Improvement Kata and Coaching Kata that is part of the Toyota Kata.

Listen to the podcast episode here