Dec 25 – Behind the scenes


Wow, it is Christmas day and I made it. The Lean/Agile Advent Calendar is to an end. I have publish a new blog post for all the 24 days running up to Christmas. It has been really fun but also quite hard and stressful at times.

Today I would like to share a bit about how I have made this Lean/Agile Advent Calendar. As you all have probably figured out by now I’m a big LEGO® fan and passionate about Lean and Agile. Running up towards December I was throwing around some ideas what I could do with the LEGO® City Advent Calendar. What I then settled on was this:

  1. Open the door for each day
  2. Take a photo of the unopened bag of LEGO® bricks
  3. Assemble what was in the bag
  4. Take a photo of the assembled bricks
  5. Figure out how a Lean and/or Agile concept could connect to the photo of the day
  6. Write a blog post for that concept

Step 1 to 4 was done in one session. Step 5 and 6 was done the day before or a few days before the day it should be published. Some days have been harder than others. I had a plan to build up a buffer of days so it would not be so stressful, but I rarely had time to do that. Almost all posts was written the evening before or early in the morning hours. If there will be a next time I will definitely start earlier and build up a buffer of days to reduce the stress.

It was really fun and very challenging. I thank my wife and my friends for helping me out completing this project. And thank you all who has followed this Advent Calendar.

Here are some behind the scenes photos from this photo session and others. Enjoy.

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This is my Lean/Agile Advent Calendar. I will publish a short post on a Lean/Agile topic every day up until Christmas. I will based each days topic on what is behind the door in the LEGO® City Advent Calendar.  So be sure to check back every day!

DISCLAIMER: LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group, which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this post and blog in any way.


4 thoughts on “Dec 25 – Behind the scenes

  1. Jeff Y 2014-12-26 / 17:07

    Thanks for sharing your Lean/Agile expertise in such an original and creative way – it obviously took quite a bit of time and effort! I enjoyed each day’s post and learned many things along the way.

    • Håkan Forss 2014-12-26 / 22:57

      Thank you Jeff. I’m very happy you enjoyed it. It was great fun to do.

  2. Grace Prasevic 2015-01-05 / 01:12

    Thank you so much for sharing this project. I really enjoyed reading it each day and it put a little magic into the lead up to Christmas. There were some real treasures along the way that I was able to share with friends and colleagues.

    • Håkan Forss 2015-01-09 / 06:37

      You are most welcome. It has been fun and hard work and stressful from time to time. I’m glad you found it enjoyeble.

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