Dec 19 – Traditions, Rituals and Kata a way to pass on knowledge


Why do we have traditions and rituals? According to Edward Shils, tradition is anything which is transmitted or handed down from the past to the present. The word “ritual” is thought to be derived from the Latin “ritualis”. In the Roman juridical and religious this meant “the proven way of doing something”. You could see traditions and rituals as a way to transmit knowledge.

Kata means pattern, routine, habits or way of doing things. Kata as a traditional Japanese way of transmitting knowledge. In the book “Managing Flow”, Ikujiro Nonaka describes Kata as a process of synthesizing thought and behavior in skillful action; the metacognition of reflection in action. Nonaka also describes Kata as different from a routine in that it contains a continuous self-renewal process.

Read more about what a Kata is here

This is my Lean/Agile Advent Calendar. I will publish a short post on a Lean/Agile topic every day up until Christmas. I will based each days topic on what is behind the door in the LEGO® City Advent Calendar.  So be sure to check back every day!

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