Moving to a new Kingdom

After 3.5 years at Avega Group, I have decided to move to a new Kingdom.  As of the 6th of October I will start the next chapter of my professional saga. I will take employment at King in Stockholm as an internal coach.


It has been 3.5 awesome years at Avega Group. I have been very lucky to work with some of the best people in the industry. I have learned so much from all of you. You have made me grow and develop. I will miss you all!

I have also had the greatest privilege to represent Avega Group at many different conferences and events around the world. It has been very rewarding and I have learned a lot.

Nevertheless, it is now time for me to venture into the new and exciting King Kingdom.

Why change?

I have been a consultant close to 20 years now and I have loved it. Working at Avega Group has also been great. Avega Group is a great company, one of the best I have worked for. And what great people! So why change?

Being a consultant you are trying to help your clients. But you are often only involved in a short period during a much longer journey. I want to be involved and committed to something bigger and more longer-term. I want to be part of the longer journey of moving towards a vision/purpose. I also want to practice what I teach of the Lean values. I want to be part of building for the long-term.

In the book Drive, Daniel Pink argues that human motivation is largely intrinsic, and that the aspects of this motivation can be divided into autonomy, mastery and purpose. Consulting has definitely provided autonomy, mastery but not so much purpose.

Why King?

When talking to people working at, and people that have been working for King I hear good things. They are not a company without its challenges, but I have a good feeling for King and its people.

I have also been very interested in working for a product company. I have been especially interesting with a company that are working in a Lean Startup kind of fashion. King using build-measure-learn type of cycle both for existing top selling products and the development of new games.

King has been on the Agile journey for some time already. I will therefore not be involved in starting an agile transformation. I hope I don’t have to do so much ground work as I usually have to do to get started on the lean and agile journey. It will be more of being part of continue to build the on the existing culture based on the Agile and Lean values and principles.

What will not change

I will still be actively involved in the Lean and Agile communities both in Sweden and internationally.

I hope to continue to share at conferences and other events.

And I will NOT stop using LEGO illustrations 🙂



9 thoughts on “Moving to a new Kingdom

  1. Martin Burns 2014-10-01 / 16:13

    LEGO shareholders breathe a sigh of relief.

    Avega colleagues upset to lose you but happy for you.

    • Håkan Forss 2014-10-01 / 16:15

      Thank you Martin! I will miss all of you as well!

  2. barryovereem 2014-10-02 / 08:01

    Good luck with your new challenge, sounds like a great opportunity!

  3. Marcus Hammarberg 2014-10-02 / 13:58

    Good for you Håkan!

    Big loss for Avega, of course. You have done great things for them and I’m sure you part on great terms and with a continually respect and appreciation.

    As for you reasons… I hear you bro, and I’ve seen many lean-guys lean towards the line-line (oh man that’s puns all over that one :)). I understand that and have thought the same thing. A number of times.

    Good luck in the future! Looking forward to game-related-legos…

    • Håkan Forss 2014-10-02 / 16:10

      Thank you Marcus!
      Avega is a great place and I will miss them a lot! Avega is at the top of my list of consulting companies i Stockholm.

      My position at King is not part of the regular line structure, to understanding. It will be more of a supporting function. Evolutionary change you know 🙂

      It is my intention to keep presenting and blogging and LEGO will certainly be part of it!

      Thanks again friend. Hope to see you soon again. We miss you here in Sweden.

  4. Agile Sensei 2014-10-06 / 19:55

    Congratulations Håkan and good luck in your new adventure. Looking forward to hear about your new experience.

    • Håkan Forss 2014-10-06 / 22:38

      Thank you Claudio!
      I hope to share as soon as I have settled in.

  5. Karl-Erik 2014-10-08 / 22:42

    Good luck in your new KINGdom! It has been fun working with you.

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