Flow Thinking – The Mental Leaps

Last week I had the great pleasure to co-present with Erik Schön at the Lean Kanban Central Europe conference. In our session “Flow Thinking – The Mental Leaps” we shared some of the mental leaps Ericsson’s 3G Product Development Unit has made during the last three years transformation towards flow thinking.

The main mental leaps we talked about was:



Methods & Tools

Principles & Mindset

Resource Efficiency

Flow Efficiency

Scattered Experiences

Continuous Innovation

Here is the recording of the presentation

Here are the slides from the presentation

You read more about Flow Efficiency here


3 thoughts on “Flow Thinking – The Mental Leaps

  1. Cameron Stark 2013-11-18 / 21:57

    That’s a good presentation, Hakan. The focus on visualising the future state, and on continuous experiments, was good. I’d like to have seen the talk!

    • Håkan Forss 2013-11-19 / 22:00

      Thank you Cameron. I think the video of the talk will be available in a few weeks. When it is available I will post a link or embed the video in this post.

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