Playing the getKanban Board Game

As part of my Lean/Agile Coaching work I do quite a bit of Kanban training. One of the tools I try to use as part of that training is the getKanban Board Game.

The getKanban Board Game is board game like Monopoly but instead of trying to buy real estate and make your competitors go bankrupt in the getKanban Board Game you try to make your software process flow and maximize your net profit.


The goal of the getKanban game is to maximize the net profit by attracting subscribing customer for your software. You attract new customers by making new features available for the customer. Every third day of the game you will charge your existing and new customer. The team with the highest net profit at the end of the game day 21 will be the winning team.

To maximize your profit you need to manage your software development process by managing what work should be do by who and when. Work in the game comes in four different categories of story (or four classes of service):

  • Standard – product features which attract subscribers
  • Intangible – work that needs to be done, but that does not directly attract subscribers
  • Fixed Delivery Date – work to be deliver before their due dates
  • Expedite – work that need to done as quickly as possible

To help you manage the process you will learn how to create and use a Cumulative Flow Diagram and a Control Chart.

During the game different event will occur that the team has to handle by making prioritizations and resource allocation decisions.

This game is a great way to learn many of the mechanics of a kanban powered process.

It has been described as the most effective way to teach Kanban.

I do agree that this is truly a great tool to learn the basics of how a kanban powered process can be managed. The game has many learning opportunities and serves as great reference for further discussions and training. I highly recommend this game.

If you want to play it in your company please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Here are some example charts, results and pictures from my classes


DSC00419 DSC00418DSC00417

DSC00830 DSC00831

DSC00832 DSC00833

DSC00828 DSC00836

DSC00834 DSC00837

DSC00981 DSC00982

DSC00983 DSC00984

DSC00980 DSC00985

DSC00986 DSC00987


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