Visual WIP Beta 2 is now out!

New and improved UI and better custom visualization support

Visual WIP the Kanban visualization tool for Team Foundation Server that makes your Work In Progress (WIP) visible!



This is the second Beta release of Visual WIP as the API is stabilizing. Changes may be made to what framework Visual WIP will be built on and further UI changes will probably be made as well.

What’s new

  • Pan and zoom is reset when loading settings
  • Added support for work item type and size specific design
  • The TfsWorkItemWorkProvider now adds support to open and edit work items.
  • Work items looks more like sticky notes
  • Auto loading of settings on the command line
  • Auto refresh interval is moved to settings file

Implementation details

  • WorkItemViewModel now inherits from DynamicObject to simplify work item field binding and error handling.
  • Simplified event bubbling implemented
  • Some out of memory problems has been addressed

Find out more and download at

Some screen shots

A basic ToDo – Doing – Done board with no WIP limits.


A simple process with WIP limits. The Analysis and Development columns has to sub columns, Doing and Done, that share the WIP limit.


A three swim lane process with WIP limits


The settings window for a Team Foundation Server single query column. Team Foundation Server columns are populated based on Team Queries. Define your own or use existing ones.


Team Foundation Server work item editor. Double clicking on a sticky note on the board will bring up the work item editor for making changes and see more details.



7 thoughts on “Visual WIP Beta 2 is now out!

  1. Patrick 2011-10-25 / 13:41

    I have to say this is a very awesome tool – sure beat’s WIP cards stuck on the wall!
    I’d be happy to help if you need anything…

  2. AlexSSE 2011-11-14 / 12:17

    Great Work done! It’s very awesome tool. SharePoint integration will be a killer feature

    • Håkan Forss 2011-11-14 / 12:25

      Thank you.
      I have made some initial prototyping using OData to pull information from SharePoint and the Team Foundation Server OData service. If my December will be less hectic I will try to get something out there. What are you looking for in a SharePoint integration?


  3. AlexSSE 2011-11-14 / 12:51

    I’d like to have a web part thats performs as your Visual WIP tool. So it can be placed on a site, connected to the provider (tfs). Also it would be good to have seperate permissions for editing the items. What I’m thinking about is that Silverlight is most suitable tool for developing such webpart. I would like to help you in your project with a SP part but I for now have too many tasks on my list. But if you are interested in ideas drop me an email.

    • Håkan Forss 2011-11-14 / 13:06

      Building a web part is much more work as both a server side and a new client side solution has to be built. Visual WIP can create images that can be displayed in SharePoint quite easy. Would that be an option?


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