How I visualize my weight loss progress


A friend and I have set out to lose 15% of our body weight between 15th of July to the 1st of December. If we reach this target condition we will go to Italy next spring for some vacation.

Because the feedback loop between food intake and changes to the body weight are quite hard to detect without measurement’s I have decided to keep track of two measurement’s:

  1. My body weight – On a regular basis I will measure my weight using Wii Fit
  2. Kcal spent during training – When ever I train and I have my Polar bike computer I will track Kcal burned.

Just tracking the last measurement’s don’t really give you the information if you are on track or the motivation. So I decided visualize the data.

You can the see a picture of the visualization above that I ‘m using. Here is a description what it shows.

  • The horizontal axis – the time in days
  • The left vertical axis – body weight in kg
  • The right vertical axis – exercise kcal burned
  • The upper dashed line – the upper control limit for my weight. I should never be above this line Smile
  • The lower dashed line – the lower control limit for my weight. I will probably not be below this line but it would not hurt Smile
  • The green solid line – this is the target weight for every day
  • The hand drawn ink dots and connecting lines – these are my weight measurement’s
  • The hand drawn ink bars – these are the number of kcal burned exercising per day

The idea is give me visible and visual feedback if I lose weight at the target rate or not. If I’m not losing weight is it because I don’t train enough or do I eat to much.

Wish me luck!


3 thoughts on “How I visualize my weight loss progress

  1. Mostofa 2011-08-18 / 07:27

    😀 good luck Håkan !!

  2. Todd I. Stark 2011-09-23 / 13:44

    Very nicely done, I wish you success. I used a control chart to help visuallize my weight control efforts for over a year, and it was a great help learning what I was doing wrong and what I was doing right every week. Especially as I added notations of different changes in my routine to the chart.

    • Håkan Forss 2011-09-23 / 13:49

      Thx. Will have to post a updated image soon. But I havn’t done so much training lately due to a cold and bad weather.

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