Audio books I highly recommend

I try to read a lot of books but I’m not a fast reader. I also spend some time more or less every day walking the dog, doing grocery shopping, commuting to and from work and so on. I have found that listening to audio books and podCast are a great way to learn. Here is a list of highly recommended audio books I have read.

James P. Womack

Stephen A. Ruffa

Jeffrey Liker

Dan Ariely

Eliyahu M. Goldratt

Dan & Chip Heath

John P. Kotter

Daniel H. Pink

Emi Osono, Norihiko Shimizu, Hirotaka Takeuchi

Louis V. Gerstner

Peter M. Senge

Patrick Lencioni

Shawn Achor


3 thoughts on “Audio books I highly recommend

  1. Tytus de Zoo 2013-04-06 / 10:15

    I found this post really useful. Went through half of the list over the last 2 months.
    Are there any new audiobooks that you ‘read’ and would recommend?

  2. Alex 2014-03-13 / 20:52

    Yeah a new updated list would be awesome any further suggestions?

  3. Alex 2014-03-13 / 20:53

    add the zappos page you can get tribal leadership audiobook which is a pretty good book

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