Career kaizen

It is now time for some career kaizen. As of this coming week I will start working for the Technology group within the Avega Group as an Agile Coach and systems architect.

It has not been an easy decision but it has been in the making for some time.

Forefront Consulting Group as a company has great potential. The idea of really connecting the dots for a company between solid business models, thru enterprise architecture and systems architecture, to IT systems is something I believe in. If you can realize this then I believe it can have a great impact on company’s business agility and profitability. The focus on a process oriented and service oriented approach to model and structure a company is something I strongly believe in. And last, but in no way the least, applying a structured business transformation methodology to make the changes really happened and stick. These ideas really resonate with my passion in agile and lean.

So why am I leaving a company that have all the right ideas?

My Blue Ocean

I see Forefront Consulting Group starting to swim in a blue ocean of enterprise architecture, process modeling, systems architecture and also some business transformation. This is great and I see a great consulting company in the making.

For myself, I want to swim in another part of the same ocean where all this is tied together with the lean and agile mindset of a continuous improvements and an emergent architecture. Until I find this part of the ocean I will pursue my passion for lean and agile.

At Avega I will participate in the development of the agile mentorship concept. I will do coaching of teams and organizations that are just to begin or are already on their lean or agile journey. I will try to do more public speaking at conferences and local agile and lean networks. I will also try to blog more often. I will continue working on practices and tools like Visual WIP. Let the next career kaizen event begin, Avgea here I come!

7 thoughts on “Career kaizen

  1. mostofa 2011-01-30 / 10:08

    Grattis !!

    New Year and New Challenges !!

    Lycka till :o)

    • Håkan Forss 2011-01-31 / 09:26

      Tack. Vi ser dig inte så ofta på Lean Coffee längre?

      • mostofa 2011-01-31 / 20:16

        kan vi har lean kvall ? jag går office på 8 am och scrum 9 am. (do excuse my frightful Swedish 😀 )

  2. Tobias Fors 2011-01-30 / 14:50

    Grattis, spännande! Lycka till på Avega! /Tobias

  3. Dick 2011-01-30 / 22:43

    Tråkigt att du ska lämna Forefront!
    Hoppas du får det bra på Avega och hälsa Andreas Skoog som säkert blir nöjd med att få närmare till Visual WIP.

    • Håkan Forss 2011-01-31 / 09:27

      Tack. Ja det är tråkigt. Jag skall hälsa Andreas.

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