Visual WIP a kanban board for TFS

About Visual WIP

VisualWIP 2010-11-23

Visual WIP is a visualization tool to make your Work In Progress (WIP) visible. The visualization is a card-wall with stickies in different columns.

If work-in-progress limits are set for a column the same amount of kanban’s(slots/placeholders) are added to the column. If more work is added to the column than the set work-in-progress limit the column background will change color.

The main goals of Visual WIP is to:

  • Visualizer a process work-in-progress by using strong visual signals with a card wall metaphor.
  • Utilize multi monitors to enable to both show an overview from more that 10 feet’s and show detailed information when closer.
  • Use a plug-in model to enable customization and support different electronic backing systems. The main focus is to support Team Foundation Server 2010 but SharePoint is also in the roadmap.
  • Not tied to a specific process as Kanban can be applied to any process. Currently MSF for Agile for Team Foundation Server 2010 is the process that Visual WIP is developed against.

See progress by following the Visual WIP tag or go to the project at

You can also follow Visual WIP at twitter @VisualWIP 

Project status

Since my last status report the following major changes has been made:

  • You can now save and load the board design.
  • A new size and positioning that uses drag and drop
  • Two new column types are added
    • Rich text – add any kind of rdf based text to your board. Add check lists, definition of done and more
    • Uri – add a html or xaml based page to the board. Add reports from TFS, twitter pages and more
  • The xaml based board design is more or less moved to run-time loaded xaml files that you can customize to fit you needs
  • Support for modifying column setting after they are added is almost done but not activated.
  • Showing Avatars based on the name of the person assign to a work item
  • Some GUI changes

Here are some screen shots:

MainWindow 2 2010-11-23 

MainWindow 2010-11-23

Window 1 2010-11-23

I’m looking for feedback so please comment here or at


6 thoughts on “Visual WIP a kanban board for TFS

  1. Ove Holmberg 2011-02-01 / 15:20

    Hi Håkan,
    Is VisualWIP available for TFS2008?

    • Håkan Forss 2011-02-01 / 15:36

      Visual WIP is not tested with TFS 2008 yet but should probably work. Try it and let me know if there is any problems.

    • Håkan Forss 2011-02-07 / 10:31

      I have gotten feedback that Visual WIP seems to work with no problems when connecting to TFS 2008.

  2. Linda 2011-05-31 / 20:55

    Why not go with a solution like smartQ (

    • Håkan Forss 2011-05-31 / 23:59

      Visual WIP is aiming to solve the problem of visualizing data from different data stores. Solutions like smartQ, AgileZen, LeanKitKanban and so on are built with their own data store and not directly interacting with a custom data store like Team Foundation Server, JIRA, SharePoint or a in-house database. Visual WIP also try to address some other problem:
      – Lots of pixels. Visual WIP is built to use as many monitors as possible. You digital board should have the same resolution as you physical board if possible. You should never have to scroll, zoom or filter the view you see you board.
      – Strong visual signals. Visual WIP is designed to tell you when you have spare capacity, when you are over and on your work in progress limits.
      – The board is a free design surface where you can and more or less whatever you want to make visual. Add definition of done texts, charts, images and web pages.

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