I wish I was there – LESS 2010


I’m sorry I could not go to LESS 2010. Hope to be able to go next year. I tried to follow the discussions by monitoring twitter. Below are some of the highlights:

agilemanager: Budget assumptions are outdated within 3 months in 83% of cases #less2010
Original Tweet: http://twitter.com/#!/agilemanager/statuses/27714121317

JFSoderstrom: Hackett Group says most budget assumptions are outdated within 3-6 months! #Bogsnes #less2010
Original Tweet: http://twitter.com/JFSoderstrom/statuses/27714180213

alshalloway: a one year budget is a way to make sure we can’t react for at least a year. #less2010 (me)
Original Tweet: http://twitter.com/alshalloway/statuses/27714511726

alshalloway: perf is ultimately about outperforming peers. #less2010 bogsnes
Original Tweet: http://twitter.com/alshalloway/statuses/27716457909

alshalloway: the goal is not precision. it’s to have great performance! 🙂 love this #less2010 bogsnes
Original Tweet: http://twitter.com/alshalloway/statuses/27717453135

alshalloway: best slide yet. don’t worry if you’re under budget. continuously ask if the money you’ve spent is ok.  http://twitpic.com/2yor1l #less2010
Original Tweet: http://twitter.com/alshalloway/statuses/27717617010

benjaminm: How does being better than competitors tell you how you gain an understanding of how you can improve? #less2010 #BeyondBudgeting
Original Tweet: http://twitter.com/benjaminm/statuses/27722693380

alshalloway: test of whether you are doing Scrum well. are you using Scrum to engage management or to isolate you from management?
Original Tweet: http://twitter.com/alshalloway/statuses/27723476859

alshalloway: having explict policies does _NOT_ mean that you only have one #less2010
Original Tweet: http://twitter.com/alshalloway/statuses/27813008925

kjscotland: When writing a book, there is a transaction cost of publishing which means its a better economic choice to batch the chapters. #less2010
Original Tweet: http://twitter.com/kjscotland/statuses/27813031364

alshalloway: @kjscotland agreed. reinertsen has being saying 1 piece flow in prod dev doesn’t make sense. #less2010
Original Tweet: http://twitter.com/alshalloway/statuses/27813097055

drunkcod: Standardized work is articulation that’s just another form of visualization.
Original Tweet: http://twitter.com/drunkcod/statuses/27814107008

verneriaberg: People love tools, so they’re easy to sell. Harder to grasp a way of thinking. End result lot’s of misleading books about tools #less2010
Original Tweet: http://twitter.com/verneriaberg/statuses/27814474200

paallikko: @alshalloway Getting the right people to work the right thing at the right time is more important that doing any step faster! #less2010
Original Tweet: http://twitter.com/paallikko/statuses/27838565462

benjaminm: I like what @arlobelshee espouses – “Make it safe so they don’t need the fear, do an exp,  stop, ask them if they want to go on” #less2010
Original Tweet: http://twitter.com/benjaminm/statuses/27836184744

christianralph: #LESS2010 hygiene features don’t require estimates. They need to get done. See Agile toolkit podcasts @arlobelshee
Original Tweet: http://twitter.com/christianralph/statuses/27835975053

joakimsunden: LESS2011 was announced this morning. It will be in Stockholm in October and yours truly will proudly be the local chair. #less2010
Original Tweet: http://twitter.com/joakimsunden/statuses/27909814921

benjaminm: “If you push people too hard they move towards fear” and “you need to include management” @alshalloway.  I like this focus #less2010
Original Tweet: http://twitter.com/benjaminm/statuses/27913496940

benjaminm: I think the #kanban approach should say “understand first, before you make a change (WIP limit) & vigilantly monitor 4 problems” #less2010
Original Tweet: http://twitter.com/benjaminm/statuses/27915238838

alshalloway: for the record. Kanban at the team level is much broader than scrum or XP. kanban also can cover entire Value stream #less2010
Original Tweet: http://twitter.com/alshalloway/statuses/27927186963


One thought on “I wish I was there – LESS 2010

  1. mostofa 2010-10-21 / 08:41

    Next year in Stockholm !

    See you there 😉 !

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