Visual WIP a work flow visualizer – demo 1

Visual WIP or Visual Work In Progress is a workflow visualizer. Visual WIP visualizes work items from Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010 based on Work Item Queries. This post describes Visual WIP early in the development and as it will be show at a demo.

Below are some screen shots that shows the basic functionality for Visual WIP 


Picture 1.

Picture 1 shows the main screen with the ribbon shown. This version support adding single columns to the board in the main window.


Picture 2.

Picture 2 shows the column settings window for a single column. You can set Column name, Work in progress limit and the Work Item Query in TFS that should be used to populate the column.


Picture 3.

Picture 3 shows the main screen again with four single columns added.

The column User Stories Development has it’s positioning tool shown. Use this tool to move: Up, Down, Left and Right. Use the sliders to adjust the Width and Height. The column User Stories Development has a WIP limit of 2 and both slots are taken.

The column User Stories Ready for test has a WIP limit of 2 but only 1 slot is taken.

The column User Stories Testing has a WIP limit of 1 and is taken.

The column User Stories Delivered has no WIP limit.

I will keep posting updates regularly showing the progress of Visual WIP.

Update: See progress by following the Visual WIP tag or go to the project at

7 thoughts on “Visual WIP a work flow visualizer – demo 1

  1. Thorbjørn 2010-10-19 / 14:47

    Hi, this looks interesting, when do you plan a release of WIP? We are currently using AgileZen, and really like it – but it would be perfect to have something like agilezen that is integrated with TFS!

    • Håkan Forss 2010-10-19 / 16:03

      Hi Thorbjørn,
      I have pushed a prerelease version of the code to There are quite a few planned features that are missing but you should be able to get started. I’m currently trying working saving settings and on a showing linked child work items on the board. Please take a look and send me feedback or if you are interested to contribute please do.

  2. Thorbjørn 2010-10-19 / 16:09

    Yeah, okay. But there’s no installer/download available here, only the actual source code? I assume this a plugin for the team explorer, I’d be interested to try it if there’s a installable version available. 🙂

  3. Håkan Forss 2010-10-19 / 16:17

    Yes you only have the source code so far. It is not a plug-in for Team Explorer. It is a stand alone WPF application that you can run on a separate machine if you want. Visual WIP is primary a tool to visualize your WIP so you make changes to your Work items in Team Explorer or the TFS web access.

  4. Håkan Forss 2010-10-19 / 16:18

    I will try to post a zip of the compiled code later this week.

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