TechEd 2009 summary

All in all it has been a good TechEd, not great but good. The content this year was a bit of a repeat from last year but I went to different kind of sessions this year. More architecture and less concrete technical sessions. I tried to broaden my knowledge instead of sharpening it.

Having my colleague Tobias to discuss architecture with on a more general level was great. We had some great discussion about how we could improve our work as architects at Concordia Bus Nordic.

It was satisfying to get my architectural recommendations validated by lots of different speakers, thought leaders and people at Microsoft. The main parts in these recommendations are:

  • Maintainability is the greatest -ility of the all
  • Don’t do big design up front but do it iteratively
  • Build on a layered architecture
  • Use some kind of Dependency Injection/Inversion of Control framework to handle dependencies, at least between layers
  • Use Interfaces to define dependencies and don’t reference the concrete implementations, at least between layers
  • Use Services as the building blocks of your application but they should be focused for the application in question. If another application will later use the same service, good but don’t try to make general services without a concrete user of the service
  • SOA is not about reuse, SOA is about isolation and flexibility

The best of TechEd for me:

  1. The Juval Löwy sessions
  2. The LAAAM session by Jeromy Carriere
  3. The nice company and great discussion with my room mate Tobias about architecture at Concordia Bus Nordic

The worst of TechEd for me:

  1. Not having the family with me
  2. The lack of new content in the development track compared to last year
  3. The Agile Development with Team System 2010 session because there are some great new features and the speaker butchered it in the session

My biggest takeaways:

  1. Even with lack of new content TechEd is a great conference to learn and meet people that have build the stuff.
  2. Architecture is a very important part of successful projects. If the architecture is done wrong you will loose money and potentially lots of money.
  3. I really need to learn PowerShell
  4. SOA should be applied as Service Oriented Applications on the grand scale but you should apply Service Orientation to every layer and subsystem of your architecture.

There are some many new influences that I need to think a little more about. I also realized that I need to learn more in some specific areas. Learning never stops and I like it. Hope to go to TechEd next year as well. See you then!


2 thoughts on “TechEd 2009 summary

  1. Nikola 2009-05-16 / 09:04

    Thanks for the nice review!

  2. Dan 2009-05-16 / 16:11

    Wonderful post and I can’t agree more about the Juval Löwy sessions. That guy greatly inspiried me. Interesting that I also went to a VS2010 session "VS2010 Overview for the Business Application Developer" and that was also mangled by both the presenter and the demo’s. Kinda makes me worry about the VS team and the product tbh

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