Session summary for Thursday at TechEd 09

DPR302 Test Driven Development Techniques

This was a good session but did not contain anything new to me. I think it was more a 200 level session than a 300 level. Main take-away was:

Maintainability is "ility" #1!
– Jeremy D. Miller, “The Shade Tree Developer”

Studies show TDD improves maintainability:

  • 40-90% fewer defects
  • “Test first” a major positive factor

SOA302 Building RESTful Services Using WCF

A very good session that was very useful for me. I’m not that into the RESTful architecture but this session showed me that adding RESTful functionality to a WCF based service layer is very easy so I see no reason why not provide RESTful and SOAP based services.

DTL304 Agile Development with Team System 2010

The low point of the day. Interesting content but poorly performed. The demos failed or was sooooooo slooooooooow. Nothing really new was presented that has not been showed before.

The improved Excel integration, hierarchical work items, example use of reports and the refactoring to generate stub classes and methods are improved support for agile. Also the updated agile template could be useful.

SOA319 Interconnect and Orchestrate Services and Applications with Microsoft .NET Services

Very interesting session about the upcoming .Net Services in the Azure platform. The .NET Services provides a routing and queue service in the cloud that would make P2P communication between systems behind NATs and firewalls easier.

This could be one of the most interesting parts of Azure if you don’t want to put your data and application logic in the cloud. Will have to investigate more.


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