Session summary for Wensday at TechEd09

ARC204 An Overview of the Azure Services Platform

This session was interesting but hade some overlap with another session from yesterday. The session contained an overview of the architectural aspects of the Azure Service platform. It was nothing really new for me that I had not read before. All in all an interesting session but nothing special.

ARC305 Architecture Refactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Application Architectures

The content of this session was interesting but poorly communicated. A disappointment for me because I expected more. The use of Dependency Injection and Aspect Oriented Programming is really a good way to refactor your architecture in an existing application.

WUX306 Building Scalable and Available Web Applications with the Microsoft Code Name "Velocity"

Good session. It was more about using caching to scale out than on Velocity it self.

Velocity do not replicate data it just do partitioning with the option to use HA that creates at least one secondary copy of the data. My basic comparison of Velocity to Ncache that we use today Velocity have fewer features but are performing the basic caching that we need.

With ASP.NET 4.0 output caching will be opened up for other providers.

DAT306 Building a High Availability Strategy for Your Enterprise Using Microsoft SQL Server 2008

Again an excellent session for me to expand my lacking knowledge in the SQL area.


Today I also had some time to go to the vendors expo and talked to some vendors about continuous deployment and tools for job scheduling.

The most promising right now are ActiveBatch and RepliWeb. The big question is if you really need these tools if you have SCCM


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