Session summary for Monday TechEd09


Total focus on IT Pro stuff. Some interesting things were:

  • APP-V – Application viriualization
  • App locker
  • Bit locker to go – using group policy to require external medias to only accept encrypted data
  • PowerShell support – if it is a server tool it should have PowerShell support
  • File classification system – you are able to classify files and then act upon the classification like not alowing to forward an confidential document to an non trusted user, delete files that has not been touched in a year and so on.

The biggest revelation for me was that you can’t work with windows in the future without learning PowerShell. This leads me to believe you should always build your own apps to have PowerShell support.

BIN203 Democratizing Business Intelligence: delivering BI to the masses

This was an interesting session even if it was mostly a sales demo. Sharepoint and Excel are Microsofts UI technology for BI.

Visual Studio Team System 2010 Architecture Edition is targeted to reduce complexety in code, requierments and more. It attacks the problems of shared understanding, understanding existing systems and maintaning control of evolving systems.

ARC201 A lap around Team System 2010 Architecture Edition

What will Visual Studio Team System 2010 Architecture Edition aim at solving:

  • Understand the domain
    • UML
    • Modeling Projects & Explorer
  • Understand the code
    • Architecture Explorer
    • Sequence diagram Generation
    • DGML Graphs and "standard" Graphs
  • Maintain control
    • Layer Diagram & Custom MSBuild tasks
    • Work Item Integration
  • Extensibility

The current version is not supporting roundtrip engineering.

It is possible to add .Net specific metadata to the logical class diagrams

DGML is the way VS2010 are visualizing some of the diagrams, if not all. It is easy to add your own diagrams thru the extensibility.

The session was good. I would have liked to see some more stuff but it almost seamed like they had scaled back the feature set from the version I did see last year.

DTL301 Microsoft .NET-Connected Application Deployment

This session was the disappointment of the day. Too much focus on .Net Framework deployment and detection and almost nothing on how to deploy your actual apps. Very thin on MSDeploy and how to do deployment when working with a build server.


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