PRC07 A Day of WCF + WF + Dublin

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Today it has been a day about WCF, WF and Dublin as the titles said. Michele Leroux Bustamante has a better speaker and presenter than Zoiner Tejada. The day was average to good. The demos was a little to simple.

The tag line of the day was "The new middle tier" but my tag line would have been "The workflow middle tier" because most of the new stuff is in the workflow space.

On the WCF side it looks like it is mostly deployment, management and monitoring enhancements for the 4.0 version. Routing based on content and some of functionality from the REST Starter Kit is also new WCF 4.0.

Workflow Foundation 4.0 is really an totally new version. An updated sequential workflow type and the new flow chart type is the basic building blocks. No built in State Machine as of now. On the activity side WCF integration is the big thing and it looks good. Activities will even be generated from service endpoints for ease of use of services.

The programming model has also changed concerning how variables and input/output arguments are handled. It now makes sense how you pass information around in WF.

New is Declarative Workflows that really makes activities reusable between implementations.

The new WF designer is built in WPF and it looks better but still the property window development model is not very user friendly. Please give us a more code based UI or something that does show more than 10 chars at the time!

Lots of new features in persistence, tracking and monitoring.

"Dublin" is an improved IIS hosting model for WF based services. Lots of good stuff for the IT Pros and the infrastructure.

MSDeploy will be the deployment story and PowerShell the API for management with a GUI on top.

Interesting day but my expectations was higher.


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