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Summer book recommendations

2014-07-10 1 comment

The must reads!


This is Lean by Niklas Modig, Pär Åhlström

Kanban by David J. Andersson

The Goal by Eliyahu M. Goldratt

Toyota Kata by Mike Rother

The Toyota Way by Jeffrey Liker


Great reads!


The Principles of Product Development Flow by Donald G. Reinertsen

The Gold Mine by Freddy Balle and Michael Balle

Toyota Production System by Taiichi Ohno and Norman Bodek

The Lean Startup by Eric Ries


Lean & Leadership

LeanAnd Leadership

The Toyota Way to Lean Leadership by Jeffrey Liker and Gary L. Convis

The Lean Manager by Michael Balle, Freddy Balle

The Art of Action by Stephen Bungay

Leading Lean Software Development by Mary Poppendieck and Tom Poppendieck

Change  & Caoching


Switch by Chip Heath and Dan Heath

Understanding A3 Thinking by Durward K. Sobek II. and Art Smalley

Managing to Learn by John Shook

Turn the Ship Around! by David Marquet

Best of DevSum presentation – What can traffic in Stockholm teach you about your development process?

Here is the slides for the presentation I gave at Best of DevSum in Gothenborg on the 14th of November.

Lean Kanban Central Europe 2011 presentation – What can traffic in Stockholm teach you about queuing theory?

Here is my slides from my presentation at Lean Kanban Central Europe 2011

Update: Audio is now added to the slides


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